Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of School

 Ty's 2nd day of High School and 1st day of 8th grade, Lori's 3rd and Bryn in Kindergarten.

 This pictures was after Ty had left for school.
 Lori in front of her class room.  She has Mrs. Martin
 Bryn in front of her class room.  She has Mrs. New
Bryn putting her back pack away.  She is SOOOO happy to start school.  When I picked Bryn up from school she said "Mom I did not miss you, I did not even think about you I was having so much fun. Sorry if that hurts you."  She is so cute!!!
Reed is missing his siblings.  He always says there names and says "Now, Come".

Aunt Leanne -- Girls pick out these shirts and said "Leanne will love them, she said this color is in style"  When they wear them today they said I hope Leanne gets to see a picture. :-)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

1st day at ACHS

Ty is off the ACHS for math.  This morning his started school.  I never would of thought we'd be back in Camarillo and my son going to my High School. Crazy!!  Ty taking Math at the High School as an 8th grader. WOW!  That's my Ty!

Family Pictures

We wanted to take some updated pictures for our Grandma's wall.  Reed was struggling but the other kids pictures turned out pretty good with my little camera. :-)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mini Bird Family Reunion

 This is where you will always find Grandma... At the table playing games.  They grandkids love playing games with Grandma.

 Lori, Zack, Bryn and Nate found 2 frogs in Aunt Karen's back yard.  They were having so much fun.  After we ate dinner they came back out to find that the frog jumped out of the bucket.  They were not too happy since they wanted to take them home.  Shelly and I were just fine with them hinding from the kids. :-)
Grandpa and Grandma Bird 2 with our family.  It's always fun to see family.  We do miss our family in the Antelope Valley.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Carly's Baptism

My niece Carly was baptized today.  So glad I was able to witness her special day.  She is such a cute, fun girl.  Sure love you Carly!  Abigail Williams was also baptized.  Her family are good friends with the Barlow's.  McKay was able to baptize 2 special girls.  GREAT DAY!

Ty playing Ventura - Sept. 1st

 This is what Aunt Kate looks like when she comes to our games.  Taking some fun pictures.  I figured I'd get a pictures of her this time. :-)

 Lori, Reed, Ty, Bryn and Kate.  Thanks for coming Kate!
Here are some pictures from Ty's game.  Not great but glad I could get a few.  One of these days I will get a nicer camera, but for now I am glad I have one. :-)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ty's First Game of the season

We are a 1 car family this weekend. Zack had to be on the other side of Palmdale at the same time as Ty's game. So the youngest 3, all our baseball games stuff (lunch, toys, blanket to sit on etc) and I walked just over 1 mile to watch Ty play. It was a nice day to be at the park. Girls rode their scooters as you can see.
Ty hit it over the short stops head. Ty said that is a bad swing but I wanted to ball.
Ty's team won 11 to 1!!!! Ty played every well.